Salad Dressing


This is very versatile dressing, so much so it is also great as a marinade. Use it to bring your plain salad to life. If you love seafood fish, mussels, paua, scallops, this goes with them all. Brush your pork spare ribs with it and let them slowly cook away while you have a couple of cold ones. Marinade chicken wings for the bbq, also mix with pasta for a pasta’ll have your friends at your place all the time! Need a dip in a hurry..mix the sauce with avocado for instant guacamole or sour cream for a great tasting dip.

Volume: 300ml

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Use as a dressing over salads or try mixing with avocado, garlic and lemon juice to make a mouth watering dip.

A delicious marinade or dressing for fish, meat and pasta.

Ingredients: Water, sugar, olive oil, red chilli peppers, lemon juice, garlic, herbs, vinegar, salt, spices, stabiliser (415)

Manufactured in a facility that uses nuts.